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Frequently Asked Questions

By Christina Collins

Q. Who does the Jyotish Star go out to?

A. It goes out to whoever signs up for it. So far, it is word of mouth, and yes from time to time I suggest it to my clients – if I think they have an interest in learning more about Jyotish. Also, when people are interviewed as the “Jyotish Star of the Month” for the Newsletter cover story, they often send their own “personal,” list an email directing them to The Jyotish Star with the information that they have recently been honored in an interview.

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Q. What qualifies for “Vedic Venue?” I give classes all the time, in my state, would that qualify?

A. We list conferences and tours, or online teaching organizations such as ACVA online, BAVA, NAMA for both Jyotish and Ayurvedic and related topic events. Events where a group of teachers travel to a specific location to teach groups of students. Please feel free to submit any events to us that you feel qualify.

While many Astrologers also give venues and classes in their home locale – The Jyotish Star does not promote or advertise the local activities and events of individuals. We are considering a future possibility where we will let people pay for advertising in The Jyotish Star, but that is not the top priority.

Q. How can I write an article on Jyotish, Ayurveda, Vaastu, Yantras, Numerology or Yoga for the Jyotish Star?

A. Please read our "Article Submission Guidelines."

Q. Who qualifies as the featured person for the “Jyotish Star” of the month?

A. Known professionals, who are expert in their field, who have not previously been interviewed. Please feel free to sugest someone you feel could be qualified. Email to:


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